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The Band

The Elevators, founded in 2013 by four close friends, are a cover band based out of Puyallup, WA (south Puget Sound). Their shows will lift you up... but it's up to your own bad self to get down.


They play a variety of feel good rock, country and blues covers that are sure to get you moving and singing along! It's good, clean fun!


The guys decided after playing bassist Tim Elvin's birthday party in 2013 that they wanted to perform more often and in places where they could "lift people up". So they committed to learning around 4 hours worth of music (about 50 songs); invested in gear; looked for local venues and events for performance opportunities; and began to develop their brand "The Elevators: We'll Lift You Up... It's Up To Your Own Bad Self To Get Down".


Venues & Events:

* Washington State Fair

* Worldwide Trade Show, Reno, NV

* The Spar Tavern, Tacoma, WA

* Rock the Dock, Tacoma, WA

* Puyallup "Concerts in the Park"

* Bite of Seattle

* Taste of Tacoma

* Puyallup Eagles 2308

* Culpepper's Bar & Grill, Graham, WA

* Scotty's Grub & Pub, Puyallup, WA

* Powerline Car Show, Tacoma, WA

* National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors Convetion

* Puyallup PTA Council Annual Awards Event

* Birthday Parties

* Weddings

* Holiday Parties

* Conferences

* Grand Openings


Gerod Bass is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. His vocal range is off the charts.

Matt Kees plays the lead guitar. His melodic chops will draw you in and make you sway.

Tim Elvins plays the bass guitar. His phat bass lines are as solid as a rock.

Blair Masenhimer pounds the drums. His attention to time keeps everyone in line.

The Elevators' endorsements & gear:

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