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musical influence & history

Matt’s first instrument was the violin at age 6... then piano/keys through his teens. He picked up the bass in high school, and the guitar in college.


He played in several different bands in high-school and college. In the mid-90’s, his band Big Pink, produced by the late Michael Been (The Call), made some waves in the Northwest indie scene and was even courted by a few labels.


Matt was also heavily influenced by the late Roby Duke. He was extremely creative & not afraid to push the envelope.


Matt has written songs with Benji Cowart, Don Poythress, Tony Wood, Rick Cua, Andy Park, Joe Beck, Daniel Ornellas, Anadara Arnold and several others.

In addition to those listed above, he has been equipped, trained & encouraged by the late Cindy Wilt Colville. Other mentors include Bob Kilpatrick, Bob Holden, Casey McGinty, Bill Gibson, Bruce Adolph, Dwayne Larring to name a few.

Matt’s multi-track recording history:

1983-1986: Ping Ponging on 2-track stereo cassette

1986-1989: Tascam PortaOne 4-track

1989-1995: 16-track Analog (1” tape)

1995-present: DAWs (ProTools, Cubase, Cakewalk)

2010-present: StudioOne by PreSonus


Matt has experience recording several genres of music... Pop, Rock, Country, Heavy Metal, Dance/Techno, Blues, Jazz, Big Band and Classical...


He resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and dogs.


Matt is a minister of media & technical arts at, a conference director, magazine layout editor, graphic designer, music producer, songwriter, and musician.

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